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Yulia Eremina is the designer of hats, hair accessories and jewelry, currently based in Paris.

Throughout her career as a designer she has created pieces for personalities such as Lindsay Lohan; India Martínez; Marta Sánchez; Alex O'Dogherty....His works have been reflected in magazines such as Yo Dona; Marie Claire; Ten minutes; Vogue Italia (digital) and have been seen in television series such as “Laura's Secrets”; at the Mérida International Classical Theater Festival;

Forque Awards; Russian ballet; Show "Argentina in Paris" with the company of Antonio Najarro; several group exhibitions: The Costume Museum in Madrid; Botanical Garden of Córdoba and Painting and Fashion exhibition at the Russian Cultural Center of Science and Culture; also with the luxury brand MALNE in several seasons at MBFWMadrid.

Our Atelier is located in Chantilly, France.

We work by appointment and especially online.

You can also schedule an appointment in Paris in advance, it would always be courtesy of one of the Ateliers we work with.

Include your order number and the date it was placed.

Thank you!

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